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We would like to be able to share your story to help others living with chronic conditions learn about the Alabama Living Well workshops. (All questions are optional.) Name First Last Do we have permission to use your first name?YesNoEmail PhoneWhy did you decide to take the "Alabama Living Well" workshop?Now that you have completed


Required Workshop Forms: Program Cover Sheet Attendance Log Participant Information Survey Pre-Workshop Health Survey Health Outcomes Study Consent Form Post Workshop Survey (Participants) Participant Information Survey Q.14 Workshop Overview and Homework Certificate Group Leader Script Additional Workshop Resources: Food Label LWA Policies and Procedures Withdrawal Form Caregiver Respite Reimbursement LWA Marketing Toolkit  Relaxation for Mind

Workshop Calendar

Upcoming Workshops: Blount County St. Clair County Shelby County January 14th-February 18th April 8th-May 12th August 5th-September 9th September 23rd- October 28th Walker County¬† January 14th-February 18th Capstone Parrish 5947 AL-269 Parrish, AL 35580 9AM-11:30AM Jefferson County    


Participant Information Survey Participant ID as shown in Participant SurveyWorkshop LocationAge TodaySexMaleFemaleEthnicityNot Hispanic or LatinoHispanic or LatinoRace American Indian or Alaska Native Asian Black, African-American Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander White Chronic Disease Arthritis/Rheumatic Disease Asthma/Emphysema/Other Chronic Breathing or Lung Problem Cancer Chronic Pain Depression or Anxiety Disorder Diabetes Heart Disease High Cholesterol Hypertension Kidney Disease