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What Is a Chronic Disease?

Don’t let an ongoing heath condition rule your life. A chronic disease is any condition that can be managed but not cured. Dealing with a chronic disease can leave you feeling tired, frustrated, and isolated. Common chronic disease include: Arthritis Asthma Cancer Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Chronic Pain Diabetes Dementia Depression Fibromyalgia Heart Disease HIV/AIDS

What Are the Benefits of LWA?

Those who successfully complete LWA: Feel healthier and have a better quality of life Experience fewer sick days and days feeling depressed Are better able to manage symptoms like fatigue, pain, shortness of breath, stress, and sleep problems Are more physically active Improve communication with their doctors Take medications as prescribed Feel more confident when completing

Chronic Disease Self Management Program History

In the early 1990s Sanford University developed and studied the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program. Early studies found that CDSMP participants had an increase in healthy behaviors, improved health status, and less health care utilization. Since the original study, numerous studies have been conducted with similar outcomes across a wide variety of settings, populations, and conditions

The LWA Team

M4A Staff Margaret Grubic, MS, RD, LD Project Director Breana Thomas, BSW Wellness Coordinator Carolyn Fortner, MA, JD, CIRS-A/D Executive Director Cayla Driver, BSA Fiscal Director Robyn L. James, BSBM Development & Marketing Director Maranda Johnson, BSW, CIRS-A/D Director of Programs Crystal I. Crim, M.Ed., CIRS-A/D Administrative Director Partners Capstone Rural Health Chilton-Shelby Mental Health